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Lava Walk Tours

Vast, surreal lava fields streaming from towering, massive mountains that rise from the ocean floor; a lush remote valley whose parameters are defined by 1,000-foot walls and whose landscape is punctuated by a myriad of thunderous waterfalls; miles and miles of remote black sand beaches—this is the Big Island of Hawaii and that’s where we are headed.

Our tours start at just $100/Person and begin in the parking area of the Kalapana Lava Flow itself - at the end, the very end, of Highway 130 - just past the town of Pahoa, on the southeast side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Not only can we put you on a boat ( by visiting the LavaBoat link ), but I can also provide you with a local Hawaiian guide to walk you to and through the Lava Flow at Kalapana!! Now this guide is more than a guide. He is a local, born andr raised here - with stories, folklore and more - providing for a walking tour of the lava flow that is beyond your expectations. The experience will be a magical one...